Editor-in-chief: Prof. Michael Sela
Editor: Prof. Herold Sgan-Cohen

Israel Dental Update is a bi-monthly journal which has been published since 1992. The objective of the journal is to keep the Israeli dentists and dental community, abreast of with the most recent advances in the dental research literature. The Journal chooses recent articles from the literature, which are relevant to the Israeli general dental practitioner. These articles are summarized and presented in an abstract form in Hebrew. The editorial board of the Journal includes leading dentists from most of the dental specialities. Board members contribute to the choice of articles which are presented. They also include their relevant opinions, which are presented adjacent to the abstracts.

The Journal has devoted special issues to certain topics of interest, such as: Infection Control, The Dental Amalgam Controversy, Implantology, Preventive Restorative Dentistry, Modern Endodontics, Dental Bleaching, Local Pharmacological Therapy in Periodontics, Gerodontology, New Advances and Inventions in Dentistry, Dental Trauma, Dentistry and Legislation, Fluoride, Esthetic Dentistry, and Modern Orthodontics.

The Journal has published original review articles which have presented overviews on a wide range of topics related to modern dentistry. Some of these articles have been written by dental leaders from countries outside of Israel. These manuscripts have been translated into Hebrew and presented to our readership.

Dentists from abroad, who are interested in this format, are urged to contact the editor of the Journal.

Editorial Address: ADKAN P.O.Box 10171 Tel Aviv 6110101 ISRAEL

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